• Speaker recognition made easy with advanced Voice Biometrics

    User authentication in just 3 seconds, text and language independent!

  • Get a perfect fit solution with Continuous Speech Recognition and Word-Spotting

    Flexibility for Speech Analytics, natural language IVRs or getting the full transcription.

  • Insert a watermark into an audio signal for hiding information or detecting cut & paste manipulations

    Audio steganography technology robust to resampling, MP3 compression and even analog recording!


Voice Biometrics

With BioVox you can identify speakers in the background during a free speech conversation as well as getting user authentication, resistant to spoofing attacks.

Speech Recognition

ReconVox is our continuous speech recognition solution. It can also work in Word-Spotting mode for finding new brands, names or keywords on the fly!

Audio Watermarking

Authentic steganography technology for audio is finally available with AudioWatermark. The info is bound to the audio signal, not to the audio file.

See BioVox in action!

In this video you can see actually working BioVox through all the stages involved in any voice biometrics system, from user enrollment to speaker verification and identification. It shows an interactive demo recorded live using our on-line platform BioVox.cloud.

After the initial enrollment, we test the system both with the authentic user and also with an impostor speaker trying to impersonate him. We throw at the biometric engine a few surprises as well!

Want to know how we can improve your voice solution or get more value from your audio data?

Desktop, cloud & smartphone apps

Final, GUI based solutions, running our core engines.

BioVox.cloud SaaS

Identification as a service, cloud based. All the BioVox functionality, available through a convenient API REST. And you can start testing the technology right away using the GUI!

VoiceUnlock for Android

Top-notch biometrics technology run locally into your smartphone for unlocking the device with your voice, thanks to the BioVox-mobile engine.

Easy Speech Analytics for Windows

If you just need an easy to use tool for finding keywords or shorts sentences into your audio recordings, this is for you. Just type the text, select the audio files and… voila!

Exciting features for video games

This video shows how game developers can easily add exciting new features to almost any game genre, thanks to DTec’s Voice Biometrics & Speech Recognition technologies.

Give voice commands to AI characters, manage inventory and secondary assets with your voice, identify automatically players by their voice or implement user friendly, top security Multi Factor Authentication with voice biometrics when signing in any system.

BioVox and ReconVox are very CPU and RAM efficient, and with easy to use APIs they can be integrated into any game platform.

DTec’s speech technologies

A huge range of possibilities

From open question, natural language IVRs to speaker identification in police and forensic investigations, speech technologies from DTec can be useful almost everywhere.

  • Call centers

    User authentication with voice biometrics.

    Speech analytics.

    Tracking sensitive recordings leaks.

  • Defence and Homeland security

    Live speaker identification in phone or radio communications.

    Sending hidden information in audio signals.

  • Access control, alarms & domotics

    Physical and remote presence control by voice biometrics.

    Alarms and electronic devices controlled by secure voice commands.

  • IVR

    Natural language speech recognition for open questions.

  • Media analysis

    Media clipping in radio/TV broadcasts.

    Trending topics in social media.

  • Videogames

    Voice communication with AI controlled teammates.

    Voice biometrics for two step user authentication.

  • Education

    Analysis of pronunciation in language learning applications.

    Continuous speaker verification in speech interactions for e-learning platforms.

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