In spite of our products being designed to be easily integrated into almost any target environment, we are well aware that experience and know-how in such minority areas like voice biometrics and speech recognition are rare. Because of that we don’t just give out our technologies and forget about them, like unfortunately is nowadays too usual.

Instead of that we can go along the way with the user of our products so we can guarantee the success of the implementation. We can help in the initial analysis stages, closely working with the user and bringing continuous support. Also we can carry out the development of the new application, even evolving and customizing our technologies for the specific task, if required.

All these aspects can be summarized in our vision for the company: flexibility, adaptation and close support.

Consulting: choosing the best solution anytime

Even the best speech technology turns useless if it isn’t used the proper way. The particular problem must be analyzed so the best biometric or speech technology solution is chosen for that specific situation. It isn’t rare that the best solution implies using together both technologies, because they are complementary in a wide array of applications.

Once the best solution is identified, it’s necessary to configure and fine tune the technology for the working environment. Our products can be highly customized but it’s mandatory to have experience in this type of systems in order to get them working and to optimize their performance.

And be can help in both tasks, always aiming to guarantee success in the deployment of the system.

Development & Integration: applied technology

With the best solution identified, it’s time to carry out the implementation and in this task our engineers can help too. Because we develop our own technologies, we are in a privileged position to achieve that. Our know-how guarantees success. This implementation may be an integration of our products into an existing system or otherwise a completely new application starting from scratch.

It’s important to remark that our technologies can be applied in almost any environment no matter which one the final hardware or target OS (Windows, Unix/Linux or any other) is. This is possible because what has been stated before: we are developers, not third party retailers. This key fact grants us the necessary flexibility and reaction capability so to confront very different situations successfully.

Custom technology: we innovate

Besides all the associated aspects to the specific implementations of BioVox and ReconVox which have well defined characteristics, the attention we pay to R&D and our experience in different pattern recognition related techniques grants us the ability to customize our technologies if the user needs so. This customization may imply an evolution of our products in order to add new functionalities to them or even the R&D of new but related technologies.

These capabilities along with our company philosophy of continuous improvement and technology innovation allows us to be on the edge of such advanced research areas like voice biometrics and speech recognition.