Right now our products are focused in two main areas: Voice Biometrics and Speech Recognition. They are based for both sectors in state of the art technologies, so we can reach the highest accuracy levels.

We at DTec develop these technologies. This is possible thanks to our deep understanding of the underlying algorithms and techniques. This know-how guarantees the success in the deployment of our solutions into any system. We are even capable of evolving our technologies based on the ideas and specific needs of our customers.

Therefore, we don’t think about our products as static and rigid packages you need to adapt to, but as solutions to real world problems that can be customized wherever is necessary. The target is clear: the technology should adapt to every situation, not the other way. This way we can offer solutions that fit perfectly into any specific environment.

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Voice Biometrics is BioVox, our speaker verification and identification product. You can forget about passwords and raise the security level in your systems at the same time, thanks to the most advanced biometric technology.

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If we talk about advanced speech recognition, we talk about ReconVox, our high performance product. Recognizing continuous speech without needing specific training for every speaker is now possible.

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