DTec was founded with the aim of providing advanced solutions mainly in the Voice Biometrics and Speech Recognition areas by the development of our own technologies. Therefore you could say that our ultimate mission is to make man/machine communication easier and we do it through the most natural way of human communication: our voice. By means of biometrics we can say who is talking (security component) and by means of speech recognition we can determine what is saying and thus be able to react to voice commands.

DTec‘s founder is more than 10 years experienced in R&D projects in areas like speech technology, artificial vision and advanced optimization algorithms, working in several projects within the Telefonica Group, mainly in Telefonica R&D.

The company started its activity thanks to the support of the Entrepreneurship and Start-up Program (IDEAM) of IMADE (Development Institute of Madrid), who awarded DTec with the Remprende Best Project Award, sponsored by Caja Madrid.