DTec was founded in 2006 with the mission of developing advanced solutions in the Speech Technologies area, focused on Voice Biometrics and Speech Recognition. The company’s founder, Rafael Delgado, took the decision after working for almost 10 years in different projects for Group Telefonica, usually in Telefonica R&D and more specifically in its Speech Technologies Group.

The company’s first steps were supported by the Institute for the Development of Madrid, and was lucky enough to win the first prize to the Best Remprende Project of 2005, granted together with Caja Madrid.

After the business plan stage, a major grant from MITYC under the Plan Avanza program sparked the actual enterprise activity and the development of the base technology for our products.

Once running, DTec got incorporated into the start-ups program of madridEmprende, entity belonging to the local government of the city of Madrid. With their support, the company was granted with the EIBT seal from ANCES, Spanish Associate of the European Business and Innovation Centre Network.


Nowadays DTec is part of Cestel’s Group, which integrates our technologies into their solutions for emergency 911 and call centres. Out of this collaboration, in 2017 DTec and Cestel launched the IDaaS cloud version of BioVox: