Voice Biometrics | BioVox

With BioVox you can verify the identity of users painlessly and with top security levels just with their voice. BioVox analyses in the background a free speech conversation and identifies users with just 3 seconds of audio.

This is possible thanks to a key feature: BioVox is text and language independent. It’s even possible to enrol a user in a specific language and then identify him or her talking in a completely different language!

BioVox exports all its functionality via a complete API and it’s available in two fashions: like a SDK for on-premise solutions and as IdaaS as a cloud service: biovox.cloud

BioVox is 100% developed by DTec, so we got full flexibility to create custom solutions when needed.


Download the PDF with BioVox’s Product Information



BioVox works in two successive steps:

  • Enrolment: the speech signal is analysed and the features that make each person’s voice unique are extracted. Then a pattern is identified and modelled into a voiceprint, which comprises more than 1,000 parameters.

  • Authentication: a new speech signal is compared with a specific voiceprint to tell whether it belongs to that user or otherwise comes from an impostor (verification), or alternatively the speech is compared against all the voiceprints available in the system, to find out which one matches or state that the user isn’t enrolled, if that’s the case (identification).

Call centers:

  • Automatic user identification.

  • Continuous client verification along all the conversation with the agent.

  • No passwords.

  • No interrupts in the conversation.


Defence and Homeland Security:

  • Verification in the background of the identity of speakers in radio or phone communications.

  • Electronic devices controlled by voice commands that just obey to the authorized user.

  • Searching for speakers in sound recordings.

Access and presence control, alarms, domotics:

  • Remote presence control using smartphones (GPS location + speaker verification).

  • Alarms and domotics controlled by voice commands with user verification.

  • Start of the car’s engine and control of the electronics with voice commands that obey just to the authorized users.